About Katy Lyons

Katy has worked in the healing arts for the past 20 years.  Her first path included Interior Design combined with Feng Shui Consulting.  After designing several health & beauty spas, she decided to open her own spa to help educate the public about organic skin care and the importance of using non-toxic products for overall improved health.

Katy’s path took a turn when she had to deal with her own health issues and delve even deeper into a non-toxic lifestyle.  This brought her to a serious path devoted to nutritional education for her own life and now to help others along their path of self-care and health.  She received her Nutritional Consulting Certification (more…)
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I am here to serve you in a few different ways:
Phone Consultation: I offer a free 10 minute phone consultation so you have the opportunity to see if my services are right for you.  Please give me a call at 808-212-8581.

Nutritional Analysis: A full Nutritional Analysis, where I can help you understand your next best steps in regard to your food choices and supplements.  There is SO much information out there, let me help you sift through it all, and find what is just right for you.

Support: I offer continued support and check-ins with separate/individual coaching sessions. (more…)

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Tips & Info

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, you must be open to new ideas.  As nutritional information changes constantly – it takes persistent researching to know what the science is telling us today!  Although there are some ancient ways – particularly in Chinese Medicine that remain constant.

I am completely passionate when it comes to learning and researching about nutrition, self-care and lifestyle habits.  I spend most of my time gathering the latest information, plus ancient wisdom and putting it into easily digestible tid-bits for you to use on your health journey. I will continue to add to this list as I learn along the way………
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